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Events And Rides


More than Just Fancy Etiquette

Group rides rules


1.Be prepared

  • Make sure you have the proper insurance coverage.
  • Let your folks know when and where you go out, have an emergency contact number with you. 
  • Check the weather and get the proper attire. 
  • Prepare your gear: inspect your bike for faults the day before. 
  • Check tyre pressure and brake pads before every ride.
  • Nothing will happen, but always better safe than sorry.

2.Follow the leader

  • Don’t surge. Don’t ride off from the group, just to wait for it.
  • Try keeping a smooth and consistent pace.
  • If you’re not happy with the pace discuss it with the group leader.
  • If you’re not willing to follow the group pace you need to find another group or ride alone, no hard feelings.

3.Ride in lines

  • There are two (2) acceptable formations on open roads:
    • single file
    • 2 abreast
  • Period.

4.Observe signals

  • Pass hand signals down the line quickly so the people behind are aware of any debris/obstacles.
  • It's ok not to know signals, it's not ok to ignore them: ask for clarification before the ride if you're unsure.

5.Don’t half wheel

  • You need to trust the rider in front of you, stick to his wheel and stay inline behind.
  • Riding with half your wheel overlapping the person in front is a sure way to cause an accident.
  • Don’t half wheel: better leaving half a bike length to the person in front rather than ride to the side of them.

6.Take turns

  • Rolling turns help keeping constant and consistent pace and build up confidence.
  • If you’re not comfortable or confident to take a turn on the front there is not pressure, just wait your turn and slip back.
  • Always communicate with riders around you and go with the flow!

7.Don’t fear mechanicals

  • Sh** happens.
  • Announce a flat tyre or a mechanical.
  • The rest of the group can stop, slow down, or agree on a meeting point where to regroup, but won't leave anyone behind alone.

Organise rides!

Why should you go through the pain of setting up rides and inviting your friends (and some strangers you don’t even know)?! Because sometimes the organised rides around you don’t suit you, time wise, pace wise, or maybe they’re not just your thing.
And because there never will be too many rides.


Yes, every rider should knows they need to be insured - and is usually aware of that. You might have someone asking you: “Did you seriously evaluate the legal consequences of an accident during the rides that you organise?” So the simple answer is: every rider is personally subject to road rules (I.e. applicable traffic law) and as such he is responsible of his acts - we are not talking about a race organisation here, just a ride from point A to point B. The most important of all rules is to be legally allowed to ride, and that is carry the proper insurance and civil responsibility coverage. And the most important to you is to know your hello cyclists, their dependants and beloved are properly covered if anything should happen.

Race radios

Seriously? Yes, seriously, the ride leader and the last wheel might be separated by a few rows of cyclists and lose sight or vocal contact, and in such circumstances it means something isn’t quite right and relying on word of mouth or grabbing your phone with one hand, steering and giving signs with the anther one… That said, it’s really really optional, small groups (up to 15) don’t need them, experienced riders neither.

Group Ride Organiser Checklist

Before the Ride

  • Name Ride Captain
  • Name Ride Last Wheel - no one rides unaccompanied or unnoticed behind Last Wheel
  • All riders insured and/or signed waiver (waiver available soon)
  • All riders know basic signage
  • Leader and Last Wheel know the route (GPX file uploaded to head units)


  • Race radios to Captain and Last Wheel
  • Race radios charged up, ON and tested

At the Start of the ride

  • Welcome all riders
  • Count (and remember) the number of riders
  • Introduce Ride Captain and Last Wheel
  • Outline ride route
  • Notify riders about the group ride rules

During the Ride

  • Observe all traffic signs
  • Ensure fluidity and order in the ride
  • Get some great pics!
  • Anticipate (as Captain) all traffic hazards and guide riders
  • In case of traffic incident: take responsibility, be courteous, avoid confrontation at all cost
  • In case of accident: call emergency services, ensure presence of a rider on site, ask the Captain to continue or terminate the ride.

After the Ride

  • Count the riders, confirm all are in
  • Thank the riders for the ride
  • Announce next opportunity, website, Strava or Facebook page reference for the next ride
  • Share those pics on social media, and don’t forget the tag #victorscycleclub