More than Just Fancy Etiquette

Group rides rules


1.Be prepared

  • Make sure you have the proper insurance coverage.
  • Let your folks know when and where you go out, have an emergency contact number with you. 
  • Check the weather and get the proper attire. 
  • Prepare your gear: inspect your bike for faults the day before. 
  • Check tyre pressure and brake pads before every ride.
  • Nothing will happen, but always better safe than sorry.

2.Follow the leader

  • Don’t surge. Don’t ride off from the group, just to wait for it.
  • Try keeping a smooth and consistent pace.
  • If you’re not happy with the pace discuss it with the group leader.
  • If you’re not willing to follow the group pace you need to find another group or ride alone, no hard feelings.

3.Ride in lines

  • There are two (2) acceptable formations on open roads:
    • single file
    • 2 abreast
  • Period.

4.Observe signals

  • Pass hand signals down the line quickly so the people behind are aware of any debris/obstacles.
  • It's ok not to know signals, it's not ok to ignore them: ask for clarification before the ride if you're unsure.

5.Don’t half wheel

  • You need to trust the rider in front of you, stick to his wheel and stay inline behind.
  • Riding with half your wheel overlapping the person in front is a sure way to cause an accident.
  • Don’t half wheel: better leaving half a bike length to the person in front rather than ride to the side of them.

6.Take turns

  • Rolling turns help keeping constant and consistent pace and build up confidence.
  • If you’re not comfortable or confident to take a turn on the front there is not pressure, just wait your turn and slip back.
  • Always communicate with riders around you and go with the flow!

7.Don’t fear mechanicals

  • Sh** happens.
  • Announce a flat tyre or a mechanical.
  • The rest of the group can stop, slow down, or agree on a meeting point where to regroup, but won't leave anyone behind alone.