CatEye Urban Combo USB Bike Lights: Volt 100 + Rapid Mini


A very good deal for a set of premium CatEye USB lights

This combo is made of:

Volt 100

The USB rechargeable Volt100 headlight features a 100 lumen output and three modes: High, Low, and Flashing. Handlebar and helmet mountable, the Volt100 is compact and easy to remove from the bracket, so you can take it off at your destination and stash it away until the ride home. The smartly designed bezel provides excellent side visibility. The Volt100. Designed for Urban Riding.

Rapid Mini

At a tiny 21.5 grams, you may not even notice the compact and lightweight USB Rechargeable Rapid Mini is even there. But with 15 lumens output, everyone else will! When the battery runs low, the low battery "Auto Save" function automatically changes the light pattern from the current mode to flashing, providing an additional hour of riding safety. 4 modes. 2 Hour charge time.


Volt 100 - Front

  • 100 lumens
  • 3 Lighting modes
  • Rechargeable cartridge battery
  • Low battery indicator

Rapid Mini - Back

  • Compact & Lightweight
  • 4 Lighting modes
  • Weighs just 21.5 grams
  • USB rechargeable


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